DIDET Project Evaluation

Please see the following links for more details of the evaluation methodologies used, results from studies on each class in which project clasroom models and technology is used and key findings which have emerged as a result of the evaluation.

  • Methodologies
    A range of qualitative and quantitative evaluation methodologies have been used throughout the DIDET project to evaluate the pedagogy used and the technology which supports it. Students and staff views have been collated using focus groups and class consultation procedures, questionnaires and surveys have been egularly carried out. In addition, objective data from system logs have shown how the design studio environment and digital repositories are accessed and used by students, staff and expert coaches. For further details, please see the Methodologies section.

The teaching and learning model and software system developed as part of the DIDET Project have been used in several classes in the Department of Deisgn, Manufacture and Engineering Management at the University of Strathclyde, and evaluation work has been carried out on their use in these classes on an annual basis. Please see the page on Class Studies for further information on evaluation of the following classes.

- Integrating Design Project (3rd Year)
- Product Development Partnership (4th and 5th Year)
- Global Design (5th Year)

Key findings for each class study conclude how innovative technolgies can best be used to support distributed and collaborative deisgn learning within and across institutions and what pedagogical models are supported. Recommendations for future work of this type are made.




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